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People make up the Replasa Team
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Replasa’s philosophy consists of achieving the perfect solution through constant collaboration from the beginning to final delivery.

A team of 100 professionals, ready to follow each project, anywhere in the world, as if it were the only one.

At Replasa, we recognize and deeply value the fundamental role that people play in our company. We firmly believe that our team is our most valuable asset, as they drive our success and contribute to the continuous growth of the organization.

We are committed to investing in the development of our team, fostering a rewarding work environment, and providing opportunities to grow together, building a promising future for our company and our clients.

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Our Team (Leaders)

Carlos Tapia - Replasa

Carlos Tapia

Beatriz Imaz - Replasa

Beatriz Imaz

Idoya Calavia - Replasa

Idoya Calavia

Yolanda Garcés - Replasa

Yolanda Garcés

Diego García - Replasa

Diego García

José Mari Erroba - Replasa

José Mari Erroba

Araceli Sesma - Replasa

Araceli Sesma

Natalia San Martín - Replasa

Natalia San Martín

Ion Archanco - Replasa

Ion Archanco

Beatriz Lerga - Replasa

Beatriz Lerga

Ángel San Martín - Replasa

Ángel San Martín

Javier Oteo - Replasa

Javier Oteo

Lourdes Miranda

Lourdes Miranda

Edurne Muguiro - Replasa

Edurne Muguiro

Laura Borobia - Replasa

Laura Borobia

Pablo Artazcoz - Replasa

Pablo Artazcoz

Maryló Palma - Replasa

Maryló Palma


As one of the leading companies in steel processing, REPLASA belongs to the following associations within the industry:

Corporate Social Responsability

We believe in being good citizens by investing
financially to the following causes like down syndrome, multiple sclerosis or women’s sport