Noise dampening materials

Discover our range of noise dampening materials ideal for applications as gaskets, casings, valves and other applications that require good overall insulation. Our products are highly durable and resistant and exhibit superb anti-vibration properties, excellent performance at temperature and strong substance adherence. ​

At Replasa, we offer two different solutions within the range: Metalplate and Metalplate +.​

In Metalplate a Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) coating can be applied to one or both sides of the metal, either on cold–rolled steel or stainless steel while in Metalplate+ it is an adhesive, a viscoelastic resin core, applied between two metals that confers the anti-noise and anti-vibration properties. ​

Metalplate offers conformability and flexibility in bending and high resistance to oil and solvents. Its NBR coating is adjustable in microns to fit exact customer and application requirements in terms of noise dampening.​

Metalplate+ is compliant with building and marine regulations (Code PEF2010 Anex1, Part 5) and can be delivered in different finishes (coated with PVC, PET, etc.) or stainless steel.

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