Metal + Non-stick Coil Coating


Our non-stick coil coating service offers a wide range of high-quality coatings to enhance metal coils. These coatings are meticulously designed to provide wear resistance, easy cleaning, and durability, resulting in increased productivity and significant maintenance cost reduction. We tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers, ensuring customized results. 

In the domestic sector, our non-stick coatings have Food Certification, making them ideal for the manufacturing of kitchen utensils, molds, and other products related to food preparation and cooking. We comply with the highest safety and quality standards to guarantee food protection and consumer health. 

In the automotive industry, our non-stick coil coating service stands out for its technical application. The coatings are designed to withstand adverse environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and aggressive chemical agents. This makes them the ideal choice for automotive components and parts, improving performance and wear resistance of the products.

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