Coating your innovations

domestic applicances industrie

Domestic Applicances

Specialized services to highest demands and standards of the industry.

bakeware industrie


Our metal coating service offers a highly effective solution for baking utensils.

marine industrie


The potential of our solutions for coil coating services in this sector is highly significant.

metallic doors

Metallic Doors

With our advanced metal coating techniques, we offer a wide range of benefits.


REPLASA is a Coil Coating company specialized in coatings that greatly increase product value. We supply leading companies, complying with the highest standards of quality and service.

Working hand in hand is the key to achieve the perfect solution for each of your challenges. To keep you always at the forefront, we train our teams and invest in R&D, while taking care of the environment.

Global operations. Local service.  

Replasa’s shipping service management streamlines delivery times, warehousing and cost efficiency. 

Let´s discuss your specific metal coating project



    Discover our corrosion-resistant coating for metal, ideal for both interior and exterior spaces, available in a wide range of colors.



    We offer a superior anti-fingerprint coating for protecting your metal surfaces. Large capacity for customization and aesthetic innovation.
    Film-covered Coil Metal

    Coil Metal

    The ideal solution for coating materials with a protective film, providing impeccable and long-lasting results.


    Metal + Non-stick Coil Coating

    Our non-stick coil coating service offers a wide range of high-quality coatings to enhance metal coils.


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