Replasa hosts a visit of the Beti Onak club and “breaks down the barriers between sponsor and athlete”

Replasa Advanced Materials organized a visit of the women's team Beti Onak to its facilities.

Replasa Advanced Materials organized a visit of the women’s team Beti Onak to its facilities, in order to show its support for the sports club, thus “breaking down the barriers between sponsor and athlete”, according to one of the players. The meeting took place last week at the Astrain plant and was attended by 14 athletes from the women’s handball first team, several representatives of the Beti Onak club, the Navarra Handball Federation and the Government of Navarra, as well as Replasa employees and managers.

The reception, which included a lunch, a visit to the production plant was a success: some of the testimonies collected from the players were: “It is important to feel that closeness, to feel that support, not only at an economic level but also at a personal level”, or “you break that barrier of player-sponsor, since in many cases you never meet the people who are sponsoring you”, they commented. Finally, there was an exchange of gifts in which the club gave Replasa 3 signed jerseys, 2 season tickets and a ball signed by the players who, in turn, also received various Replasa-branded gifts.

Replasa Advanced Materials joined the Beti Onak Sports Club project at the beginning of the year through a sport sponsorship. This multi-sports society from Navarra is committed to promoting culture and sports through healthy recreation and ensuring equal social treatment for young people, supporting handball, soccer and Basque pelota. “For Replasa, a partnership like this at a business level gives us the possibility of promoting our values with the values of the club’s institution, in this case Beti Onak, and seeking synergies in the development of these values to achieve success,” said Carlos Tapia, CEO of Replasa. “We are confident that this is the beginning of a lasting relationship,” he added.

This sponsorship, as well as that of Mulier Fútbol Club Navarra, is another example of Replasa’s commitment to contribute to the progress of society.

About Replasa

Replasa develops customized projects for the coating of metallic surfaces of innovative products in sectors such as household appliances, construction, the shipbuilding and automotive industries, among others. Currently in the process of international expansion, Replasa has more than fifty years of experience and is the leader in the European market. At present, the company has two factories in Navarra (Astrain and Los Arcos) and warehouses in strategic locations in Europe, USA and Central America.


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